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Sex, Drugs & Ballpoint Pens   Scott MackieAberdeen, Scotland

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James Mylne   PICKS SPECIAL:  London, England 

Joker Johnson2019・ballpoint pens & spray paint on card (matte board)・60 x 85cm (24 x 34'') 

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''I don't think Boris Johnson is what he tries to get across on camera. His silly behavior and humorous banter serves to make people feel at ease and get people to trust him but there is more beneath that "painted face" of his. I believe there is a menacing danger at play under the surface that is Boris. This is the similarity I see he has with the Joker. Lucky that the White, Red, and Blue makeup on his face are the same colours as the Union Jack flag. I used colour Bics for his face make up, and obviously the normal Black for the rest. I used spray paint for the background like with the rest of the most of my artworks.'' 

James Mylne, December 2019

Artwork, right : Prince' in purple; two incarnations of David Bowie. Below : Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour.  All artwork  © Scott Mackie.

​​PENNAME  by R. Bell   posted October 3, 2019.

Sex, Drugs & Ballpoint Pens   Scott MackieAberdeen, Scotland

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