Andrey Poletaev   Lugansk, Ukraine

DECEMBER 2014​   Shane McAdams   Brooklyn, New York

Ballpoint pen art without the ballpoint pen? That and more

from Shane McAdams, who literally removes the ball point

from the equation by "blowing", milking or otherwise extracting ink from ballpoints and magic markers toward artistic ends...

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pictured :  Cloudslinger, 2014. © Shane McAdams

James Mylne   London, England

Allan Barbeau   Dublin, Ireland

Holly Cappello   Portland, Oregon

MARCH 2018   

Lennie Mace   RETROSPECTACLE    Tokyo, Japan  2004-2014    

By 2004, Lennie Mace had been mastering the artistic capabilities of ballpoint pens for over two decades, producing groundbreaking 'wow'-worthy halftone effects which show little trace of the ballpoint line-work used in their creation ...  

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pictured : Kroc Rock, 2011, cropped.  © Lennie Mace

MARCH 2020   

Lennie Mace   Tokyo, Japan    

Yeah I went and did it, something I've always made a point to avoid: referencing pop culture within my artwork... just hate providing free publicity for corporations... Hate to admit it, I did  Disney... 

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Minnie Mace , Nov 2019.   © Lennie Mace

DECEMBER 2019   

Joker Johnson  James Mylne   PICKSSPECIAL 

''I don't think Boris Johnson is what he tries to get across on camera. His silly behavior and humorous banter serves to make people feel at ease and get people to trust him but there is more beneath that 'painted face' of his.''​ ...

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​pictured : Joker Johnson, 2019.  © James Mylne

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DECEMBER 2016   

Lennie Mace   RETROSPECTACLE    Tokyo, Japan  1994-2004    

By 1994Lennie Mace had made a name for himself as an illustrator and had been exhibiting his ballpoint pen artwork in New York annually since 1990. ...  

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pictured : The Longer The Drool... 2005.  © Lennie Mace

Christopher Arabadjis   New York, NY

JANUARY 2020   

Nathan Lorenzana   Guatemala City, Guatemala    

The colors I'm using are part of the ochre/orange palette, along with some purples and blues for shades and layers of skin tones. Many ask how I achieve skin color, and is a complex answer because it depends ... 

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Portrait commission , 2020.   © Nathan Lorenzana

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Archie Smith   Paphos, Cyprus

OCTOBER 2019   

Sex, Drugs & Ballpoint Pens   Scott Mackie   Aberdeen, Scotland 

If there's a rock'n roll heaven, we know they've got a helluva band. We also know the likes of Jim MorrisonLou Reed

David Bowie and many more dearly departed music elite have Scott Mackie to thank for providing them with encores ...

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​pictured : Rebel Rebel  (David Bowie), 2017.  © Scott Mackie

JULY 2019   

Son of a Bich ll   The BIC Collection   exhibition / video review 

TB's coverage of  The Bic Collection  came three months after the fact, but seeing as few news outlets bothered to report the exhibition, our old news was still news. To date, in fact, most of what's been written about it was written by Bic. ...

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​pictured : Bruno Bich, 2018.  Photo © The Bic Societe

Alberto Repetti   Genova, Italy

JUNE 2017   

Ballpoint Art   Trent Morse   BOOK REVIEW    

Just as so many presumptuous or naive ballpoint prodigies tripped over each other to have you believe they 'came first ', so came the race for First Place  in formally documenting ballpoint pen art history...

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​pictured : cover art,  Untitled  crop, 2014.  © Thomas Müller


Auto Motives   Luis Silva   Villa do Condo, Portugal 

In the photorealist work of Portuguese artist Luis Silva, ballpoint pen artwork can be discussed in terms of 'make' and 'model' along with color and composition. Car Talk. Gear heads meet the wine and cheese crowd ...

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​pictured : Porsche 911, 2016, cropped.  © Luis Silva

Dave Warshaw   San Diego, California

Andrey Poletaev   Lugansk, Ukraine

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