Andrey Poletaev   Lugansk, Ukraine

APRIL 2017   

Lined Up   Kai & Sunny   London, England    

While so-called 'hyper'-realist ballpointers working with conventional figurative imagery labor to hide their linework to present the illusion of halftones, linework is front and center in the ballpoint manifestations of Kai & Sunny...

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​pictured : My Eye On You  crop, 2016.  © Kai & Sunny

MAY 2017   

Mixed & Matched   Andrey Poletaev   Ukraine    

Time. The bane of all ballpointers. To photorealist ballpointers, in particular, most of that time is spent working carefully to avoid making mistakes, another nemesis. Andrey Poletaev is the quintessential photorealist ballpointer...

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​pictured : MM-2017-54  crop, 2017.  © Andrey Poletaev

Allan Barbeau   Dublin, Ireland


Benjamin Sack   Leesburg, Virginia    

Similar to cartographers of old aboard wooden ships, I executed my drawing at the same pace of the  MS Amsterdam’s peregrination of the Earth... 

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Mappa Mundi, 2017.  

© Benjamin Sack

FEBRUARY 2017   

Lennie Mace   Tokyo, Japan    

The idea for the drawing—a Doonesbury-like line drawing of the White House festooned with Trump Taj Mahal casino neon—had been in my head since during the campaign...

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Trump White House, 2016.  © Lennie Mace

OCTOBER 2017   

Alberto Repetti   Genova, Italy    

Almost all of my ideas come from shapes suggested by nature... I flowed those ideas into this work, spatially and intellectually re-elaborated... A reinvention of reality...

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The Elemental Landscape, 2017.  

© Alberto Repetti

DECEMBER 2016   

Lennie Mace   RETROSPECTACLE    Tokyo, Japan  1994-2004    

By 1994Lennie Mace had made a name for himself as an illustrator and had been exhibiting his ballpoint pen artwork in New York annually since 1990. ...  

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pictured : The Longer The Drool... 2005.  © Lennie Mace

MAY 2017   

Riiko Sakkinen   Pepino, Spain    

This drawing is included in my exhibition Closing Borders at Serlachius MuseumsMänttäFinland. The exhibition is about Europe fortifying its borders...

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The Least Powerful Passports, 2016.  

© Riiko Sakkinen

JULY 2017   

C.J. Pyle   Indianapolis, Indiana    

This piece was started around 2011 and about a third of the way to completion was abandoned. It sat in my files until inspiration hit and it was finished in 2015...

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A Chorus of Horace, 2016.  

© C.J. Pyle

DECEMBER 2014​   Shane McAdams   Brooklyn, New York

Ballpoint pen art without the ballpoint pen? That and more

from Shane McAdams, who literally removes the ball point

from the equation by "blowing", milking or otherwise extracting ink from ballpoints and magic markers toward artistic ends...

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pictured :  Cloudslinger, 2014. © Shane McAdams

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APRIL 2017   

Serhiy Kolyada   Kiev, Ukraine    

My new ballpoint pen drawing is one of my series about Kateryna the heroine of Taras Shevchenko's poem and painting. Shevchenko is our national poet and artist, lived in 19th century...

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Kateryna in Zurich, 2017.  © Serhiy Kolyada


Liner Notes   C.J. Pyle   Indianapolis, Indiana    

If you happen to sense a musical quality in the ballpoint and mixed-media drawings of C.J. Pyle, your instincts are more finely tuned than most. Pyle has led something of a double life, splitting his time between a drawing board and a drum kit ...

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​pictured : Lawrence of Newark  crop, 2017.  © C.J. Pyle

AUGUST 2017   

Explaining Wai   Pongyu Wai   Hong Kong    

The term 'East-meets-West' is regularly applied to Eastern artwork exhibiting Western influence, affectations or aspirations, but it doesn't apply here. In most respects, the work is neither East  nor  West. Just  art ...

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​pictured : A Moment of Truth 51  crop, 2016.  © Pongyu Wai

    Since 2014

Original content © The Ballpointer / Mahozawari Unlimited

NOVEMBER 2017   

Chen Zhen   Kaohsiung, Taiwan    

Appearance of the fetus here is a metaphor for all things before birth, in the parent. Even if the human species of same appearance gave birth to twins, although the same outward, the consciousness is their own and different...

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Individual, 2017.   © Chen Zhen

Dave Warshaw   San Diego, California

AUGUST 2017   

Nicolas V. Sanchez   New York, NY    

When drawing in my sketchbook during my commute, I'm not really thinking of anything very specific. My mind drifts in and out of being present with my surroundings...

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Sketchbook, 2015~2017.  

© Nicolas V. Sanchez

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Holly Cappello   Portland, Oregon

NOVEMBER 2017   

Teacher's  Pen   PENNAMES   Ballpoint Art Instruction  

It used to be that the creative use of ballpoint pens was merely a by-product of classroom boredom... Classroom boredom surely still exists, but I can't vouch for what youngsters of today do with it  ... Read the full archived feature

​art : © ​África Fernández de Castro Hoyos, 2017, cropped.

FEBRUARY 2017   

Think In Ink   Benjamin Sack   Leesburg, Virginia    

Imaginatively mapped out satellite- and bird's-eye views of lands far more interesting than the offerings at Google Earth, giving new meaning to the term  urban planning...

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​pictured : Jupiter Fugue  crop, 2016.  © Benjamin Sack

JUNE 2017   

Ballpoint Art   Trent Morse   BOOK REVIEW    

Just as so many presumptuous or naive ballpoint prodigies tripped over each other to have you believe they 'came first ', so came the race for First Place  in formally documenting ballpoint pen art history...

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​pictured : cover art,  Untitled  crop, 2014.  © Thomas Müller