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Pepe Lozano   Cordoba, Spain

Chen Zhen   Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Pepe Lozano   Cordoba, Spain

MalOjo   Basque Country

Matt Rota   Brooklyn, New York

APRIL 2016   

Eric Seaholm   Tokyo, Japan    

This is no ink blot test. If you think you see something in 

Eric Seaholm's ballpoint pen drawings, it's understandable

— but you only think  you see something...

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pictured : Inku Stillack, 2013.  © Eric Seaholm

DEC 2015 ~ JAN 2016   

James Mylne   PICKSSPECIAL   London, England    

Overworked rabbit seeks nirvana in London is how

James Mylne's Samsara & The City might read as a back

page Personals  listing in a weekly tabloid...

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​pictured : Samsara & The City, 2015.  © James Mylne

Shane McAdams   Wisconsin / Brooklyn

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DECEMBER 2016   

Lennie Mace   RETROSPECTACLE    Tokyo, Japan  1994-2004    

By 1994Lennie Mace had made a name for himself as an illustrator and had been exhibiting his ballpoint pen artwork in New York annually since 1990. ...  

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pictured : The Longer The Drool... 2005.  © Lennie Mace

FEBRUARY 2016   

Shane McAdams   INKEDIN    Wisconsin, USA   

Artist Shane McAdams is not only among the busiest of

ballpointers but he is also among the few who do not

require the ''ballpoint pen'' prefix...

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pictured : Soft Maple, 2015.  © Shane McAdams

Lennie Mace   Tokyo, Japan

NOVEMBER 2016   

Talk To Them   Shirish Deshpande   Belgaum, India    

When we last visited with Shirish Deshpande in 2014, he'd only just begun the series of artworks which would present viewers with his rural India environs...  

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pictured : Lakkundi Houses 2, 2016.  © Shirish Deshpande

M.I. Shaikh   Mumbai, India

Peter Ross   Hong Kong

MAY 2016   

Pepe Lozano   Cordoba, Spain    

In his first interview for the English-speaking world, 

Pepe Lozano tells us a little bit about himself and his work,

and shares one of his newest...

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pictured : Dreams of Liberty, 2016.  © Pepe Lozano

Holly Cappello   Portland, Oregon

AUGUST 2016   

REALLY ?   Hype & 'Hyper'    New York, NY      

A lengthy international flight allowed publisher R. Bell and columnist B. Neufeld ample time to butt heads about

all-things-ballpoint and ballpoint photorealism...  

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pictured : Portrait, 2016.  © Nicolas V. Sanchez

Andrey Poletaev   Lugansk, Ukraine

Lennie Mace, 1984   New York, New York

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MARCH 2016   

Andrey Poletaev   PICKSSPECIAL    Lugansk, Ukraine    

Andrey Poletaev's ongoing Cityscape series has, since

2013, taken viewers to real places which might not otherwise be attainable to them...

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pictured : Parisian Street, Dec 2015.  © Andrey Poletaev

Choy-Ping Clarke-Ng   Dublin, Ireland

Guy Woodard   New York, New York

Andrey Poletaev   Lugansk, Ukraine

OCTOBER 2016   

(HE)ARTBROKEN   Juan Francisco Casas   exhibition review    

The art is, as we all may know, rendered by means of meticulous ballpoint draftsmanship, but the idea always seemed to be 'Look how good I am at copying these photos with this ballpoint pen'...  

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pictured : I Am Not Complicated, 2016.  © J.F. Casas

JUNE JULY 2016   

Lennie Mace   RETROSPECTACLE    New York, NY  1984-1994    

'Decade 1' of a 3-part online retrospective. No other

ballpointer is more deserving than Lennie Mace, who has

produced an expansive body of work in more than 30 years...  

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pictured : California Zephyr, 1994.  © Lennie Mace

Shirish Deshpande   Belgaum, India

James Mylne, 1999   London, England

Ler Huang   Kaohsiung, Taiwan

    Since 2014

Dave Warshaw   San Diego, California


Sir James   James Mylne   London England    

The divergent creative paths which Brit ballpointer James Mylne had embarked upon over the past couple of years now converge for his latest collection, Grandly Grimey...  

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pictured : JRM Desktop 9, 2016.  © James Mylne

Gareth Edwards   Stourbridge, England

Jonathan Madeja   Quezon City, Philippines

Eric Seaholm   Tokyo, Japan