FEBRUARY 2015​   Shirish Deshpande   Belgaum, India

In a land of over a billion people rich with artisans and craftspeople, it should come as no surprise that ballpoint pen artwork can be found in India, and, in the atmospheric landscapes, decorative still lives and other stylish compositions of Shirish Deshpande, ballpoint art is also well-represented...  Read the full archived feature.

First Ferry  2014, ballpoint pen on handmade paper, 10 x 14'' (shown cropped).  Artwork © Shirish Deshpande

Dave Warshaw   San Diego, California

René Moncada   Brooklyn, New York

Alexander Perandin Moreira   Brazil

DECEMBER 2014​   Shane McAdams   Brooklyn, New York

Ballpoint pen art without the ballpoint pen? That and more from Shane McAdams, artist and closet alchemist, who literally removes the ball point from the equation by "blowing", milking or otherwise extracting ink from ballpoints and magic markers toward artistic ends...

Read the full archived feature.

Cloudslinger  2014, ballpoint pen, oil & resin on panel, 48 x 48'' (shown cropped).

Artwork © Shane McAdams

OCTOBER 2015   Satrio Arimbat Ardho   Java, Indonesia    

It is not uncommon to hear of ballpoint pen artists spending hundreds of hours drawing any particular piece. Mr. Satrio Arimbat Ardho in the same amount of time may have produced four or five pieces of equal or superior quality. Making them is what makes Ardho happiest...  

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Aug 22-25, 2015  (work-in-progress facebook post), ballpoint pen on paper, shown cropped. Artwork © Satrio Arimbat Ardho

Qualeasha Wood   Long Branch, New Jersey

JULY 2015   M.I. Shaikh   Mumbai, India  

Some say art schools ruin the artist. Whether or not that's true is of no concern to Mr. M.I. Shaikh. ''Undoubtedly self-taught. No lessons, no mentor, no special training or formal classes,'' proclaims Shaikh. Such is the measure of talent outside of art school meccas like New York or London...   Read the full archived feature 

Untitled 14  Nov 2013, ballpoint pen on paper, 31 x 46cm (12 x 18''), shown cropped. 

Artwork © M.I. Shaikh

Alberto Repetti   Genova, Italy

PICKS PAGE ARCHIVELINKS Feb~Nov2015  Read about these artworks in the artists' own words in The Ballpointer PICKPIECE archives. Click on the artwork to see their PICKPIECES.

NOVEMBER 2014   Serhiy Kolyada   Kiev, Ukraine  

Conflict and corruption feed commentary; key ingredients for intriguing art. Awareness may be the ultimate goal, but one must first actually care enough to spread the word. Serhiy Kolyada cares. His key ingredient is ink, and his Lifescapes  serve up a spicy blend of commentary and criticism peppered with politicians and prostitutes. Brothels and consumer brands form his artistic broth, but Kolyada's compositional stew is his strength...  Read the full archived feature. 

The Theory for Origins  2012, ballpoint pen on panel, 56 x 41 cm, © Serhiy Kolyada

MARCH 2015   Lennie Mace   Tokyo, Japan  

This must be the wrong exhibition. Lennie Mace is, after all, known for colorfully detailed, elaborately composed ballpoint artwork, but no such artwork is on display here; only blank sheets of paper, beautifully framed...  Read the full archived feature. 

Goat Gal  (Goat 1 of 4) 2014, ballpoint pen & ''dry'' ballpoint pen on paper, shown cropped. An example of ''colorfully detailed'' Mace,

showing usage of ''dry pen'' patterns.  Artwork © Lennie Mace/THE LAB

JUNE 2015   Andrey Poletaev   Lugansk, Ukraine  

Andrey Poletaev can luckily travel vast distances without ever having to leave his home. Ballpoint pen in hand he can set off in any direction, as he pleases. The ability to use art as an escape to lands known-or-unknown proves how drawing skills and 'vision' are a magic combination...  Read the full archived feature 

Kiev  January 2015, ballpoint pen on paper, 36 x 42cm (14 x 17''), shown cropped. Artwork © Andrey Poletaev

Ross Kinkaid   Kent, England

APRIL 2015   James Mylne   London, England  

Britain's premier ballpointer James Mylne has undergone as conspicuous and ambitious a developmental arc as one artist could experience within such a relatively short span of time. Mylne readily admits the "shift"; conscious steps beyond earlier, straightforward photorealism...

Read the full archived feature. 

Natalia  2014, Torn series, ballpoint pen, spray paint, marker, ripped Giclee prints and

Krink on paper, 75 x 93cm (29 x 36''), shown cropped. Artwork © James Mylne

Aries Villaflor   Quezon City, Philippines

RECAP  originally posted November 2, 2015​​

​​A Year in The Pen

The Ballpointer   Nov 2014 ~ Nov 2015

Someday, someone else  will list the accomplishments of The Ballpointer  annually, but, seeing as all involved had doubts as to whether the site would even make it through a year, much less become the crown jewel of our fledgling empire, please bear with us as we bask in our own glory. OK, year-end timeline lists of accomplishments are usually lame. As publishers, we promise to never do this again. That said, allow us to remind you why we're here, lest you forget. A True Story… 
    October, 2012:  An alcohol fueled discussion during an after-party following the opening reception of an exhibition featuring ballpoint pen artwork turns to questions of why, especially by 2012, mass media continue to report about ballpoint pen art as if it was a brand new concept. Part of that discussion went something like this… 
    Drinker No.1: ''Any source referring to ballpoint pen art as something new only shows how ignorant they are and how little they researched their subject'' 

The true story continues on the fully  ARCHIVED page

Jhon Rich Compra   Bohol, Philippines

Susan May   Pasadena, California

Scott Mackie   Aberdeen, Scotland

Allan Barbeau   Dublin, Ireland

AUGUST 2015   Peter Ross   Hong Kong  

If you're ever walking the streets of Hong Kong and notice a fair-skinned fellow with fiery red hair appreciating the aging architecture more than the average passerby, you've probably found Peter Ross. You wouldn't know it but Ross is in fact a born-and-bred Hong Konger  himself, and he knows that aging architecture well...  Read the full archived feature

Mongkok  2014, ballpoint pen, gouache & pencil on watercolor paper, 30 x 30cm (12 x 12''), shown cropped. Artwork © Peter Ross

Ralvin Dizon   Pampanga, Philippines

Ler Huang   Kaohsiung, Taiwan

SEPTEMBER 2015   Lennie Mace   PICKS SPECIAL   New York City via Tokyo, Japan    

A Far East ballpoint pen masterpiece  has finally made its way West. When a long-time New York patron offered showroom space, Mace accepted...  

Read the full archived feature

CosPlayStation:2011  2006-2011, ballpoint pen & cut vinyl decals on paper,

146 x 103cm (57.5 x 40.5''), shown cropped. Artwork © Lennie Mace/THE LAB

Peter Ross   Hong Kong

MAY 2015   Allan Barbeau   Dublin, Ireland  

For every artist out on the front lines gunning for art world credibility, there are another hundred going about their business in quiet satisfaction. Those with more modest needs and their own barometer of what constitutes "success" could care less. Among them is Allan Barbeau...

Read the full archived feature. 

Bouche Bisous  2011, ballpoint pen on paper, 23 x 21cm (10 x 8''), shown cropped. Artwork © Allan Barbeau

Levey Rañin   Carigari, Leyte, Philippines


Arthur T. Cortez   Calamba City, Philippines

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Nathan Lorenzana  Guatemala City, Guatemala

Ryusei Ichimaru   Tokyo, Japan

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