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   NOV 2014 ~ NOV 2015

The Ballpointer:   A Year in The Pen 2015

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NOVEMBER 2014   

Serhiy Kolyada   Kiev, Ukraine  

The Theory for Origins  2012

ballpoint pen on panel

56 x 41cm  (shown cropped)

Artwork © Serhiy Kolyada


Lennie Mace   PICKS SPECIAL   Tokyo, Japan  

CosPlayStation:2011  2006-2011

ballpoint pen & cut vinyl decals on paper

146 x 103cm (57.5 x 40.5''), shown cropped

Artwork © Lennie Mace/THE LAB

AUGUST 2015   

Peter Ross   Hong Kong  

Mongkok  2014

ballpoint pen, gouache & pencil on paper

30 x 30cm (12 x 12''), shown cropped

Artwork © Peter Ross


   AUGUST 2015

René Moncada   Brooklyn, New York

   Aries Villaflor   Quezon City, Philippines

JUNE 2015   

Andrey Poletaev   Lugansk, Ukraine  

Kiev  January 2015

ballpoint pen on paper

36 x 42cm (14 x 17''), shown cropped

Artwork © Andrey Poletaev

Lennie Mace    New York-born, Tokyo-based Mace is among the most versatile of ballpointers. Name it, he's done it: varying degrees of high- & low-brow art for commerce & exhibition, graphics, portraiture, temporary tattoos for film & fashion shoots, architectural design and more.  
website  The Ballpointer PENNAME feature FEB 2015   more in the ARCHIVES 

Shane McAdams    American Southwest-born, Brooklyn-based. McAdams' ballpoint "Pen Blows" are among the most innovative use of the medium as yet to be found, placing him in a class by himself. website  The Ballpointer PENNAME feature DEC 2014 

James Mylne    London. Gained attention in the UK for his ballpoint photorealism. Internet exposure took his artwork worldwide, with continuing presence. Respected among fellow ballpointers, Since mid-2015 Mylne is taking his ballpoint work in new directions via mixings of mediums.  

website  The Ballpointer PENNAME feature APR 2015   more in the ARCHIVES  

Andrey Poletaev   Lugansk, Ukraine. Poletaev's photorealist "Cityscape" series shows skilled handling of architectural detail and atmospheric perspective. His relaxed depictions belie the daily hardships of war in his homeland.  website  The Ballpointer PENNAME feature JUNE 2015 

C.J. Pyle    Indianapolis. Pyle has a musical background and it shows in funky, rock'n roll, jazzzzy ballpoint drawings which are often drawn on record sleeves, et al.  website ​

Peter Ross    Hong Kong. Ross' artworks in ballpoint pen show his architectural background and influences mixing architecture and his inherited southeast Asian homeland. 
website  The Ballpointer PENNAME feature AUG 2015 

Nicolas V. Sanchez   Michigan-born, New York-based Sanchez is a painter who has attracted attention by using the four basic ballpoint colors (black, blue, red, green) to create full-color photorealism. Mostly portraiture, mostly sketch-book size. website ​​

Rebecca Yanovskaya    Toronto, Canada. Scenes of sensual fantasia are her realm. Yanovskaya details her black ballpoint figures with gold-leafing in the form of head-dresses and wings.  website


APRIL 2015   

James Mylne   London, England  

Natalia  2014, Torn series

ballpoint pen & mixed media on paper

75 x 93cm (29 x 36''), shown cropped

Artwork © James Mylne


Alberto Repetti   Genova, Italy

   Susan May   Pasadena, California

​​​​LászlóBíró  by E. Lee  posted October 27, 2014​​

​​Founding Father?・Tokyo

Founding Father




​​​​​​​​László BíróWaitingBallpoint pen on paper, circa 1940.

Private collection; Buenos Aires, Argentina.

JULY 2015   

M.I. Shaikh   Mumbai, India

Untitled 14  November 2013

ballpoint pen on paper

31 x 46cm (12 x 18''), shown cropped

Artwork © M.I. Shaikh

Kai & Sunny

   OCTOBER 2015

Alexander P. Moreira   Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

   Jhon Rich Compra   Bohol, Philippines

DECEMBER 2014​   

Shane McAdams   Brooklyn, New York

Cloudslinger  2014

ballpoint pen, oil & resin on panel

48 x 48'' (shown cropped)

Artwork © Shane McAdams

OCTOBER 2015   

Satrio Arimbat Ardho  Java, Indonesia    

Aug 22-25, 2015 

(work-in-progress facebook post)

ballpoint pen on paper, shown cropped.

Artwork © Satrio Arimbat Ardho

THEBALLPOINTERS   last revised August 27, 2020   Mahozawari Unlimited / Points East

A-Z directory of artists working predominantly in ballpoint pen and/or excelling in the medium, worldwide. Having received recognition regionally or internationally, their work is a matter of public record. This directory is revised regularly to reflect currency and lasting contributions to the medium

Juan Francisco Casas    Madrid, Spain. Casas' use of the internet to promote his ballpoint drawings worked to his advantage, achieving 'viral' status in 2005 for his blue-BIC photorealist replications of so-called 'selfie'-style snapshots. Since 2015 Casas has been utilizing more ballpoint color.  website  B. Neufeld's thINK piece May 2015 

Shirish Deshpande    Belgaum, India. Along with abstract paintings in oil and acrylic, Deshpande uses multicolored ballpoints to create bucolic, atmospheric scenes of his homeland, and more.   

The Ballpointer PENNAME feature Jan 2015 

Kai & Sunny    London, England. Colorful line work forms the basis of this British art duo's ballpoint pen work, geometrically arranged or wavily aligned. websiteThe Ballpointer PENNAME feature 2017 

JooLee Kang    Seoul, Korea. Kang sees art as a method of communication, in her case to reflect life and reality. Her recent ballpoint pen drawings often focus on changes in ecological environments, living organisms and evolutionary processes.  blog  

Serhiy Kolyada    Kyiv, Ukraine. Kolyada's black ballpoint penwork laid bare the political & societal topics of his homeland. In an era of political correctness & censorship, artwork such as his may be most important of all, though it is mostly swept under the rug.  

website  The Ballpointer PENNAME feature Nov 2014 

IL Lee    South Korea-born, Brooklyn-based. Lee creates abstract expressionistic doodles on a grand scale, known to go through hundreds of pens in the process. Lee has earned well-deserved blue-chip credentials, albeit through elitist press coverage, and/but although naysayers may think  'I can do that', they most assuredly cannot.  website

Pepe Lozano    Spain. This ballpoint elder's hyperrealist use of blue ballpoints doesn't even require that descriptive. They simply are. Ballpoint PEN ting at its rarest level. 


Read about these artworks in the artists' own words in the PICKS page archives...


HONORABLEMENTION  These artists have shown some measure of contribution to the greater good of the medium, and their talent should not go unrecognized. These lists are by no means complete. 

Allan Barbeau    France-born, Ireland-based. Barbeau's usage of available oil-based ballpoint inks to create full-color photorealism is among the earliest of its kind. Barbeau self-published a fully illustrated How-To  instructional book in French in 2014. An English edition is now also available.  

website  The Ballpointer PENNAME feature May 2015

Claudio Ethos    Known primarily for large scale street art murals in paint, most of those very same murals were borne of more modestly scaled ballpoint pen originals, often exhibited alongside during gallery installations. 

Jan Fabre    Belgium. In the early 1980s, when drawing an actual picture was considered uncool, 'multidisciplinary' artist Fabre used ballpoints to scribble on ballerina shoes, the walls of a full room and even the exterior of a castle somewhere. A 'viral' equivalent of its day. 

Toyin Ojih Odutola   Nigeria-born, New York-based. Earlier mixed-media artworks which utilized ballpoint pen brought Odutola publicity (2012~). Recent artworks more often than not mix mediums other than ballpoint pens (2015~). website 

Shohei Otomo    Tokyo, Japan. Latest in a tradition of culture-jamming Japanese illustrators; imagine pierced and tattooed geisha, over-accessorized schoolgirls and rock'n roll samurai with electric guitars. Anime style eye-candy in black-&-white. Played the 'indie' card via viral blog exposure circa 2015, but most attention and activity occurring in Australia.  website 

Aquirax Uno    Tokyo, Japan. Uno, well-known simply as 'Aquirax', is from a 1960s group of Japanese artists which included names such as Tadanori Yokoo. Keeping a lower profile these days (and never fully given the credit he deserves) Aquirax's ballpoints are simple but elegantly thoughtful masterpieces.  website 

MAY 2015   

Allan Barbeau   Dublin, Ireland  

Bouche Bisous  2011

ballpoint pen on paper

23 x 21cm (10 x 8''), shown cropped

Artwork © Allan Barbeau


PENNAME Feature Article ARCHIVES  2015

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FEBRUARY 2015​   

Shirish Deshpande   Belgaum, India

First Ferry  2014

ballpoint pen on handmade paper

10 x 14'' (shown cropped)

Artwork © Shirish Deshpande

MARCH 2015   

Lennie Mace   Tokyo, Japan  

Goat Gal  (Goat 1 of 4) 2014

ballpoint pen & ''dry'' ballpoint pen on paper

shown cropped

Artwork © Lennie Mace/THE LAB

   JULY 2015

Peter Ross   Hong Kong

   Levey Rañin   Carigari, Leyte, Philippines

   JUNE 2015

Qualeasha Wood   Long Branch, New Jersey

   Nathan Lorenzana  Guatemala City, Guatemala

   MAY 2015

Ross Kinkaid   Kent, England

   Arthur T. Cortez   Calamba City, Philippines

  APRIL 2015

Ler Huang   Kaohsiung, Taiwan

   Ryusei Ichimaru   Tokyo, Japan

​   MARCH 2015

Allan Barbeau   Dublin, Ireland

   Dave Warshaw   San Diego, California

​   JANUARY 2015

Scott Mackie   Aberdeen, Scotland

   Ralvin Dizon   Pampanga, Philippines

Although his product can be found in every household, László Bíró is not a household name. But his name remains indelibly connected to that product, which in some countries is known simply as a biro  instead of the more descriptive ballpoint pen known to the rest of the world. In his adopted homeland Argentina, Bíró's birthday (September 29) is observed as Inventors' Day. Bíró may not have "invented" the idea of using a "ball point" device as an ink delivery system, per se, but ballpoint pens as we know them today are the direct offspring of Bíró's patented design and his brother György's solutions to ink viscosity. 
   For as long as there have been ballpoint pens, artists and laymen alike have been utilizing them creatively at either end of the spectrum, whether producing museum-quality artistic masterpieces or scratching out mindless doodles phone-side.  Unsurprisingly, Bíró himself was among the earliest to test drive his pens' artistic applications; a 2005 mechanical engineering exhibition in Argentina, focussing on the invention of the ballpoint pen, printed in its brochure a ballpoint pen drawing titled Waiting (pictured) credited to Bíró (along with original patent drawings bearing Bíró's signature). Looking as much like a page out of an Old Master's archive, Biro's simple, etching-like sketch commands as much intrigue as that of any such predecessors.  In blue ballpoint ink, Bíró hastily recorded what seems to be a trio of nuns, judging by Flying Nun-like head gear. The enigmatic drawing's backstory, or existence of others like it, was unfortunately not reported in the brochure. Artists either aspiring or accomplished, to whom ballpoint pens make a difference in the creation of "art", have Bíró to thank for providing what's proven to be a valid and versatile art medium alternative. Bíró himself would undoubtedly be humbled to witness the quality, quantity and  artistic capabilities of his now-ubiquitous writing instrument.
    Bíró's ballpoint patent was bought by Marcel Bich in 1945, introducing another name which would go on to become synonymous with ballpoint pens: BiC™. The Ballpointer will inform and educate about the likes of Bíró and Bich, the engineering and manufacture of the instrument they perfected, and, most of all, the artists currently pushing its limits



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