The Theory for Origins  2012, ballpoint pen on paper, 56 x 41cm (22 x 17cmshown cropped). Artwork © Serhiy Kolyada

The Ballpointer enters its fifth year on a nostalgic note, revisiting two featured favorites from 2014. But our sentimental streak might be to your good fortune. Seeing as these two talented and busy artists have not been featured recently in these pages, their ballpoint artwork, outlooks and backgrounds will surely be new news to the growing number of Ballpointer  followers who rely on us for their ballpoint art news. And for those of you who may have read these before, we think they're both worth reading again.

​​To Western sensibilities, Ukrainian artist Serhiy Kolyada's biography reads more like that of a revolutionary. Orange Revolution participant (2004-2005). Indie arts union Freedom Or Death co-founder (2009, still active). KGB trouble? You bet. Art and activism walk hand in hand with Kolyada. Seeds of activism were planted during secondary school when he began listening to radio stations ''forbidden'' by The State and ''learning the truth'' about the Soviet Union, which ruled Ukraine at the time. Ironically, many Soviet-sanctioned programs and publications propagandizing against Western culture instead attracted the interest of Kolyada and friends. Rock music, surrealism and other aspects of Western culture also planted forbidden seeds. He took to doodling in his notebooks during boring school lessons; skulls, skeletons and the like, in ballpoint pen, channeling heavy-metal and Edgar Allan Poe. Kolyada learned the basics of pencil, watercolor and oil at State art courses in his teens, but became accustomed to ballpoint pens, which allowed him to draw anywhere... Read the fully archived article

''Art is difficult to sell (in Ukraine); people are poor and don't buy art, pretty flowers or not. Ukrainian tycoons only buy trophy art with Sotheby's provenance.''

Serhiy Kolyada, October 2014

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Material World 

Cloudslinger  2014, ballpoint pen, oil & resin on panel, 48 x 48''  (122 x 122cmshown cropped). Artwork © Shane McAdams

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​​Serhiy KolyadaKiev, Ukraine


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​​Shane McAdamsWisconsin, USA


Ballpoint pen art without the ballpoint pen ?

That and more from ShaneMcAdams, artist and closet alchemist, who literally removes the ball point from the equation by 'blowing', milking or otherwise extracting ink from ballpoints and magic markers toward artistic ends.​ Material "deconstruction" distinguishes McAdams from most of his ballpoint peers.

   Using viscous compounds of resins and polystyrenes, acrylics, oils and ballpoint inks, Shane McAdams produces a range of visual wonders more comparable to those glimpsed through microscope or telescope than through picture frame. The biological, botanical and cosmic are manifested in series' which evolve concurrently. Discoveries realized in the creations of one direct the course of another, fueling further exploration and guaranteeing a steady stream of new works. Traces of the microbial forms appearing in his Resist series of 2008 are discernible in his Styrosions of 2014, which appear to be growing through or eroding from rather than applied to the surfaces os his artwork... Read the fully archived article

"I like the poetry between the industrial materials performing like nature and the traditional materials working to create an illusionistic facsimile of actual nature."

Shane McAdams, November 2014

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