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Peter Ross   Hong Kong

Arthur T. Cortez   Calamba City, Philippines

Allan Barbeau   Dublin, Ireland

Ryusei Ichimaru   Tokyo, Japan

Qualeasha Wood   Long Branch, New Jersey

René Moncada   Brooklyn, New York

Ross Kinkaid   Kent, England

Alexander Perandin Moreira   Brazil

Aries Villaflor   Quezon City, Philippines

Susan May   Pasadena, California

Scott Mackie   Aberdeen, Scotland

Ler Huang   Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Alberto Repetti   Genova, Italy

Levey Rañin   Carigari, Leyte, Philippines

Jhon Rich Compra   Bohol, Philippines

Nathan Lorenzana  Guatemala City, Guatemala

Dave Warshaw   San Diego, California

A Year in The Pen  The Ballpointer  Nov 2014 - Nov 2015   PICKS  of the Litter 2015

    Since 2014

Ralvin Dizon   Pampanga, Philippines


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RECAP  originally posted November 2, 2015​​

​​A Year in The Pen

The Ballpointer   Nov 2014 ~ Nov 2015

Someday, someone else  will list the accomplishments of The Ballpointer  annually, but, seeing as all involved had doubts as to whether the site would even make it through a year, much less become the crown jewel of our fledgling empire, please bear with us as we bask in our own glory. OK, year-end timeline lists of accomplishments are usually lame. As publishers, we promise to never do this again. That said, allow us to remind you why we're here, lest you forget. A True Story… 
    October, 2012:  An alcohol fueled discussion during an after-party following the opening reception of an exhibition featuring ballpoint pen artwork turns to questions of why, especially by 2012, mass media continue to report about ballpoint pen art as if it was a brand new concept. Part of that discussion went something like this… 
    Drinker No.1: ''Any source referring to ballpoint pen art as something new only shows how ignorant they are and how little they researched their subject'' 

The true story continues on the fully  ARCHIVED page