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Left : MM-2017-42. Below : MM-2017-54. Bottom : MM-2017-17All artwork 2017 ballpoint pen, graphite & water-color on A4 size watercolor paper, 21 x 29.7cm (8.27 x 11.75'')

All artwork  © Andrey Poletaev.

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Andrey PoletaevUkraine

Time. The bane of all ballpointers. To photorealist ballpointers, in particular, most of that time is spent working carefully to avoid making mistakes, another nemesis. Andrey Poletaev is the quintessential photorealist ballpointer and faces both whenever he places pen to paper, but late in 2016 he started spending his time spending less time. In the Ukrainian artist's new looser, lighter  Miniatures  series, mistakes may even be less of a concern. 

Since  The Ballpointer  began covering his work two years ago, Poletaev has been showing us the world via his popular Cityscapes  series; masterfully rendered photorealist postcard views in ballpoint. But one cannot draw street scenes forever, and shouldn't. Even the most ardent fans might tire of what starts looking like the same street over and over again. Poletaev, himself, occasionally feels the need for a shift, and hinted to as much in his 2016 explanation of Art Mechanica, an intermediate piece which was an imaginative and refreshing departure from that which followers of his work had become accustomed. Such works, explained Poletaev, allow him to gear-down and unwind from the time-consuming, mentally draining routines of producing the Cityscapes

    PENNAME  by R. Bell  posted May 13, 2017

Mixed & MatchedTown, Country


Poletaev downshifts and gets imaginative again with his

Miniatures, but here he pursues less labor-intensive ways of

presenting his subjects, and time saved by simplification

means he has already created dozens. He has always had a

way with a ballpoint pen, and the soft touch necessary to

achieve the kind of halftone effects which make atmospheric perspective a highlight of his Cityscapes, but here it's the addition of graphite and watercolor washes providing some of that atmosphere and helping to accelerate the artist's creative process. Applied to watercolor paper, the added textures contribute to and convey the mixing of mediums. The artist is also considering replicating subjects from his Miniatures into artwork created minus ballpoint pens altogether, including oil on canvas.

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