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​​​​​​​​​​PENNAME PICK   by O. Lebronoriginally posted March 1, 2016. ​​

PICKS SPECIALAndrey Poletaev・Lugansk, Ukraine,

''As Poletaev sees it, most people no longer stop to consider their surroundings. 'People are so immersed into their daily routines and material things that they are no longer paying attention to the finer details of the urban life that surrounds them. Sadly, even some artists stopped appreciating' ...'' Read the full archived feature article 

Above:  Parisian Street  2015 (detail ballpoint pen on paper 72.3 x 54.5 cm (29 x 22''). © Andrey Poletaev.

​​​​​​​​​​​PENNAME   by E. Leeoriginally posted February 23, 2015. ​​

Invisible InkLennie Mace・Tokyo, Japan,

''... He remembered his stash of empties; ink-less pens with nibs of varying sizes and qualities to which he could attach colors of his choice, creating  'Franken-pens'. Mace soon realized he could use the empties themselves as a handy way to  'cheat'  white or lighter-colored lines over darker colors... ink-filled pen strokes over shallow indentations drawn beforehand with dry pens. By 2010 he was leaving out the ink more and more ... The completely  'blank'  results are an acquired taste, and Mace admits this small exhibition acts as a test-run to see how much — or, how  little — people can take before losing interest ...'' Read the full archived feature article 

AboveMayan Mirage  2010 (detail, darkened to show content)dry ballpoint pen on paper 36 x 30cm (14 x 12''). © Lennie Mace.

​​​​​​​​​​PENNAME   by O. Lebronoriginally posted August 1, 2015. ​​

Belonger Peter Ross・Hong Kong,

''Ross was a grade school doodler but claims his first real ballpoint drawings began at the age of 18 when he started traveling, the pens' portability making them easy to tote. As Ross now sees it, using such a  'universal tool' as an art medium also makes his artwork more accessible to general audiences; no art background necessary to connect with it ...'' Read the full archived feature article 

Above:  Nimbus 1  2015 (detail ballpoint pen, acrylic & pencil on watercolor paper 110 x 30cm (44 x 12''). © Peter Ross.

SPECIALANNOUNCEMENT posted February 25, 2020. ​​

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